My name is Vince Heier. I design & customize 10/22s®.

The primary business of designing, customizing and selling the best quality 10/22s® available began in 1984.
I designed my first custom 10/22® in 1966.

I take pride in the fact that all my custom weapons (minus optic) are "100% Made in the USA".

For the past 48 plus years I have been upgrading, modifying, testing and selling custom RUGER®; 10/22s®. I shot competitively for 17 years and have tested every part I use in any custom.

Based in the beautiful Gallatin Valley of Montana - we are fortunate enough to be in one of the finest hunting spots in America. It is this area and surrounding varmint populations that have allowed “real world“ testing and development of all our customs and the parts used for 48 plus years.

Many of my customs are built for gun clubs, NRA chapters and various organizations that use them as fundraisers for their projects. I have designed and sold numerous “theme” guns incorporating company and sports team colors & logos.

My private customers run the gamut of serious target competitors, varmint hunters, plinkers & those concerned with home security.

I specialize in one-of-a-kind weapons. I do not copy any rifle or pistol exactly. Since 1966 I can say with pride that no two are alike! Whether it is a tactical, varmint or target 10/22® - I can design & customize you the finest one you could own and at a price that will make you happy.

Customer service is top priority around here. I encourage you to check my eBay feedback thoroughly. My ID there and at other sites that sell my items is “stitch-head”.
“My riding buddy is named Ruger and the Harley is known as The Mach 2”
Please contact me with any questions or for a quote on a custom 10/22® that you want built using the parts that you like.

The primary purpose and mission of the company is to provide the finest custom 10/22s® available with the best possible customer service.

It is the goal of Heier's Custom Ruger 10/22s™ to keep our favorite firearm advancing in technology, accuracy and enjoyment.

Please look and compare. We are confident you will become a member of our 10/22® “family”.

THANK YOU for visiting my site.
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